Saturday Night 8.12.17 (The Summer Anti-folk Fest)

Getting things ready for this Sat was crazy, but at the end I found a merch person, the CD's and posters arrived on time,

new T-shirts were picked up, photographer was on the scene,

my goggles and jacket…

The album cover is complete

The cover for "The Last Days of Dark" is here.  

Designed by Dominika Jezewska 


"The Last Days of Dark" cover was based on a pair of goggles designed by in the Mad Lab of the super…

The Day After the Numbness

Yesterday was too painful. 
I had a brain full  
of memories 
of you and Mom  
but now I'm stable. 
Went out and bought  
a plate full  
of Chinese food  
and imagined  
you sitting with me  
at the table.  



Lights, Camera, Action.

Ok. So I just got the E-mail. My music (and myself) are going to be a part of a film by Salvatore Lumetta based on the life of Joan of Ark. Salvatore and I were supposed to work on a


Rock it till the wheels fall off

June 1st. 2017. All these years of writing, performing, rehearsing, working out, animating, promoting and recording have come to this. I have a new album, a new website, a new publicity company, and a brand new fire. Everything gets put


The Final Recording session for "The Last Days of Dark"

Just had my final "Last Days of Dark" mixing and mastering session.  
I want to thank Michael Prochilo, Dan Policar , Lisa Bianco Stephanie A. Linn, Carl Gibson, Mark Walker, Lisa Gary, Anna Haas and John Zay Maschio 
for all

Cyber PR and Darkseed Entertainment

We have known each other for years, I remember attending some of her first music seminars. I'm very excited for the chance to finally work with Ariel Hyatt and her team, for music services and publicity for the album

Las Amazonas Deli

When I moved to Brooklyn six years ago, I was so happy there was a bodega on the corner. But when I went to check it out it turned my stomach. It was the dirtiest thing I have ever seen,

"Blacks for Trump"

How convenient that all the "Blacks for Trump" at his rally were all in the front so the cameras could pick them up.  

These are The Last Days of Dark.

The Last Days of Dark

Many people ask why these are The Last Days of Dark.  They ask me if I'm quitting music or if I'm deathly ill. None of the above. 
These are everyones last days. From the day you are born, every day