The Freudian Purge

So I accidentally deleted my Instagram. I was mad at first, but now I think it was a total Freudian slip. All the people that I wanted to delete but didn't want to spend the whole day finding and deleting, and all the people who unfollowed me but I kept because I didn't want to be petty-are gone. There are some people who I met and we only had an Instagram connection and I'm sad to have lost a lot of them. "The Freudian Purge" has also given me a chance to start a new way of posting. I now have designated days for different things. For instance, Superhero Sunday, Music Monday, etc. 
When I fall behind, I just assign
 said event to a different day. It keeps things interesting for me, and hopefully for the people following as well. I also figured out how to add a shopping cart to my posts, which was the goal in the first place. 
There are those who I want to reconnect with but can't find. If you're not following me on Instagram and you're reading this, follow me. I miss you lol I promise, I'll follow back. 


These are The Last Days of Dark

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